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Fantoomwijk Still 1.png


15 m | 2023

A vibrant working-class neighbourhood has to make way for luxury housing. FANTOOMWIJK depicts the destructive impact on former residents.

Writing / Directing

Ravi Sandberg


Sjors Mosman

Ravi Sandberg


Tobias Cornelissen

Ravi Sandberg

Production company

Winner RTM Pitch Prize of the International Film Festival Rotterdam


-Official selection International Film Festival Rotterdam 2023-

-Winner RTM Pitch Prize of the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2022-

-Selected for Worm Off Screen, Rotterdam 2023-

-Nominated for the VERS Film Awards 2023-

-Screened at Metropolis festival 2023-

-Selected for the Urban View competition at Summer Time Festival 2023 in Poznan, Poland (by Short Waves Festival)-

-Selected for the Golden Calf competition of the Netherlands Film Festival 2023-

-Selected for 'Forum van de regisseurs'  (Directors Forum) competition at the Netherlands Film Festival 2023-

-Selected for the Documentary competition of Tirana International Film Festival 2023 (EFA qualifying)-

-Selected for Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam 2023-

-Selected for Cyprus International Short Film Festival 2023-

-Selected for Arch Film Lund 2023-

-Selected for Shortcutz Amsterdam 2023-

Seeds still 1.jpg


38 m | 2021

In a half-finished residential area on the edge of a rural village, a family consisting of three cultures live together in one house. In an atmospheric portrait, the subcutaneous conflicts that govern the daily life of this family slowly unravel.

Writing / Directing / Editing

Ravi Sandberg


Roy van Egmond

Production company

Family Affair Films


Nominated for the Best Debut Price at the Netherlands Film Festival


Winner Best Editing Price at FICIMAD


-Selected for the Netherlands Film Festival 2021-

-Nominated for the Grand Prize of the Debut Competition of the Netherlands Film Festival 2021-

-Official selection Shanghai Short Film Festival 2021-

-Selected for Khopcha - Shorts edition, Amsterdam 2021-

-Official selection FICIMAD 2022, Madrid-

-Awarded Best Editing Price at FICIMAD 2022-

-Official selection Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival 2022-

-Screened at The Base Bookspace takeover at Kiosk Rotterdam-


Regen / Rain

25 m | 2018

David (17) struggles with himself and the world around him. He is looking for warmth, love and confirmation, but finds it in the wrong place: with Elias (11), the boy next door, whom he sexually abuses. Eventually, David will be confronted with the inevitable consequences of his actions, which will not only have a major impact on himself, but also on the people around him.

Writing / Directing / Editing

Ravi Sandberg


Joshua Pinheiro Ferreira


Ravi Sandberg & Joshua Pinheiro Ferreira


Winner NL Filmfund Wildcard


Winner Rotterdams Open doek

April 2019

-Winner of the NL Filmfund Wildcard Fiction 2018-
-Official selection Netherlands Film Festival 2018-
-Official Selection Winchester Film Festival 2018 (International Shorts Competition)-
-Nominated for the VERS Awards 2018-
-Official selection Film & Media Festival Alkmaar 2019-
-Official selection Bermuda International Film Festival 2019 (Academy Awards Qualifying)-
-Official selection Atesib! 2019 (Tel Aviv, Israel)-
-Winner Rotterdams Open Doek april 2019-
-Official selection River Film Festival 2019, Padova, Italy-
-Official selection Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival 2019 (International Competition)-
-Official selection Bucharest ShortCut Cinefest 2019-
-Official selection Kaohsiung Film Festival, Taiwan (International short film competition)-

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